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Rope Maze

Rope Maze

Over 1,600 feet of nautical rope forms a path that leads to the deck of a pirate ship. Kids climb on deck to shout "Ahoy" when they master the maze.

How To Play
Race to the center
Attraction Statistics
Dimensions: 64x110ft
Date Installed: 2001
Recommended For: All
Seasonal Availability
Spring Summer Fall Winter
Daily Availability
Times of Day: Day & Night
Fun Facts from the Maize Master
Attraction Fun Facts Did You Know? The rope in the maze is the same kind used by tugboats to move barges on the Mississippi River.

Why We Built It: We built the Rope Maze to prove that simply being able to see over the whole maze design from any one point, does not make a maze easy. We also knew that kids would need a place to run off some energy.